Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church


The Officers and members of Berean would like to extend a hearty "welcome" to
our  Visitors and Friends. We are privileged to have you in our midst today.
Please come again and worship with us in the home of the Lord. "Surely the
righteous shall give thanks unto thy name; the upright shall dwell
in thy presence." (Psalm 140:13)

Pastor Homer Hart
Senior Pastor

Spirit of Prophecy

 Every art and device of Satan will be used
to accomplish our ruin. If you sit down
with the 
ease-loving ones, with the words
on your lips, “I 
am saved,” and disregard
the commandments of 
God, you will be
eternally lost. There is truth in Jesus that is
terrible to the ease-loving, donothing

ones. There is truth in Jesus that is full of

soothing joy to the obedient. It is the joy
of the Holy Ghost. Be persuaded, then,
to open the 
mind and heart, that you may
see every ray of 
light shining from the
throne of God. 
This is no time to be
indifferent and careless and 
loving. Christ is coming with power and

great glory. Are you ready? Are you putting
 away your sins? Are you becoming sanctified
the truth in answer to the prayer
of Christ? He 
prayed concerning His
disciples, Sanctify them through thy truth:
thy word is truth.” (John 17:17)

…Jesus came to bring moral power to
combine with human effort, and in no
case are His 
followers to allow themselves
to lose sight of 
Christ, who is their example
in all things. He said, 
“For their sakes I
sanctify myself, that they also might be
sanctified through the truth” (John

17:19). Jesus presents the truth before His

children that they may look upon it, and by

beholding it, may become changed, being

transformed by His grace from
transgression to obedience, from impurity
to purity, from sin to heart-holiness and
righteousness of life.

(Selected Messages, Book One,
pages 318 and 

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