Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church


The Officers and members of Berean would like to extend a hearty "welcome" to
our  Visitors and Friends. We are privileged to have you in our midst today.
Please come again and worship with us in the home of the Lord. "Surely the
righteous shall give thanks unto thy name; the upright shall dwell
in thy presence." (Psalm 140:13)

Pastor Homer Hart
Senior Pastor

Spirit of Prophecy

In keeping with Black History Month:
The law of our land requiring us to deliver a
slave to his master, we are not to obey; and
we must abide the consequences of violating
this law. The slave is not the property of any
man. God is his rightful master, and man has
no right to take God’s workmanship into his
hands, and claim him as his own.—Ibid.
1:202.2BIO 34 4
When the laws of men conflict with the Word
and law of God, we are to obey the latter,
whatever the consequences may be. —
Testimonies for the Church, 1:201, 202. 2BIO

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